What is Unplanned Detour?

It’s my blog, duh.
Oh, you mean why did I name my blog “Unplanned Detour”? Well why didn’t you say that? Jeez.

g3972That is how I think of my life – an unplanned detour. My life is nothing like what I had anticipated. Everything about it is unexpected. I suspect that is true for most people, but it is something that stuns me almost everyday. I guess I still haven’t quite adjusted to who I am and what is. I doubt I ever will.  In place of the uber-successful power woman I had imagined, I’ve become an unqualified, overweight, single mother trying to make ends meet. That’s not to say I’m miserable with my life; I’m really quite content, not that you’d know it by my incessant bitching and moaning. But then the only thing that has remained constant in my world is that I’m a bitching moaner. And I’m ok with that. That’s kind of what this blog is for. But don’t worry, I’m a hilarious bitching moaner.


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