Conversations With My Demented Spawn

Kids are never ending source of frustration, rage, strange insight and hilarity . These are just some of the best conversations that took place today.
Boy child is 6, and Girl child is 9

Me: “Boy-child, it’s time for your spelling homework.”
BC: “Ok, is the first word ‘Dank Memes’?”

Girl-Child to Boy-Child: “Did you know Americans use to call chips ‘French fries’, but then they got mad at France, and they changed them to ‘Freedom fries’.”
BC takes off his shirt and runs around the room, “I’m a freedom fry, I’m a freedom fry.”
GC to me: “Why did they get mad a France anyway?”
Me: “I can’t really remember, I think they wouldn’t agree to support them in a war or something.”
GC: “Ugh!” rolls eyes, “that is SUCH an American thing to do.”
BC: “Wait, what’s a freedom fry again?”


GC with Stalin Cat

Girl-Child during a conversation about stereotypes and how we tend to judge people based on their appearance: “That makes no sense at all, when I meet someone I don’t know who they are just by looking at them.”
Me: “No you don’t, but most people do without meaning to. Your Aspergers frees you from a lot of that judgement because you see things in a different way from Neuro-typical people. That’s one of your strengths.”
GC: “Then I’m glad I have Aspergers.” (awwwwwww!!)


So This Is What’s Going On…

Some of you may have noticed that I’m sick a lot. Like A LOT. Well, lately it’s been worse. I’ve pretty much been sick for the last three months, with most of January (and most of the last week) spent in bed, and not in the fun way. There is a long history to my run of illnesses, which started when I contracted Glandular Fever when I was 15 years old, and became really problematic when I became pregnant at 23. I won’t go in to the hideous details, because quite frankly, they’re boring as hell.

So long story short, I seem to have suffered a resurgence of my old “probably” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Unspecified Autoimmune Disease. I’ve been in a “flare,” meaning severely unwell, for the last 3 months or so. I have the odd good day, like today, but other days are pretty awful. My mind is foggy and muddled. I get confused and frustrated easily, sometimes I can’t get my words to come out the way I want them to.  My memory is shockingly unreliable. I usually have flu symptoms and my muscles and joints hurt like hell. I fall asleep without intending to and I become extremely physically weak. The majority of these days is spent in bed.

In the first 3 weeks of January, I was on several different antibiotics fighting off multiple infections because my immune system was not doing it’s job.

I guess I’m writing this post as a kind of explanation for my absence and lack of productivity, but also as a check in because I don’t know when I’ll have the energy to write a post next; quite frankly, this is really taking it out of me. Bye for now x