Too Tired To Think Of A Title

Sometime during the last few weeks, the Universe apparently decided that I needed a challenge. Perhaps my life had become stagnent and boring to whichever being has the misfortune to watch over me, so they thought they’d spice it up a bit. I won’t go in to the gritty details because I could write an entire book of frustrated and angry rants about my car, insomnia, money, my ex, and various government and healthcare agencies. My ability to order my thoughts and achieve anything has been crushed under the pressure and my fatigue and foggy head have staged an overwhelming comeback. Not to mention that I can’t even play Pokemon Go because my phone is too crappy. I’m going to continue to be AWOL on here until I get back to a place of okayness, which I’m sure won’t be too long.
But here’s a few life updates in the meantime:

> Jealous McCuntbeak now allows me be scratch her head, just so long as Mr. Flatmate doesn’t touch me in her presence. Also, she’s a she. We know this because of the egg we found smashed at the bottom of her cage yesterday.

> We now have two new pet rats, Lizzie Borden and Myra Hindley. They’re super cute and playful and I loves them.

> My son has become an incredibly convincing liar and I suspect that underneath his adorable exterior, there may be an evil mastermind who is subtly manipulating us all.

See you soon!


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