I May Have Had Too Much Sun

I’m going to level with you. I’m naked. It’s not a pretty sight, but no one is around to see it so I don’t care. Except for the cats, Krankenstein and Stalin, but they’re always judging me anyway so what’s one more thing to shock their snobbish sensibilities? It’s too freaking hot to pretend to be a normal, decent, modest member of society.

Today I didn’t relax in the Inferno, I worked in it. It was my first day back in the new year and the going wasn’t easy.  The sun was searing and there was no shade to hide in. I think we all nearly succumbed to heat stroke. Thankfully, at the final job of the day was a hose and an impromptu wet t-shirt contest commenced. The water evaporated in minutes but it was somewhat reviving and got us through to the end of the day. I thought I was more revived than I truly was and decided that I may as well do the Ex’s gardening that I’d been kind of promising to do. However after sitting down it soon became apparent that I was not in any shape to do any more gardening.


This seemed appropriate…


So now I’ve had a shower and washed the days dust from my hair and out of my ears and it’s just too hot to get dressed again. I’ve already gotten dressed today, I don’t feel that I should have to do it twice. I’m lounging around looking at the dust that needs dusting and the laundry that needs folding and I’m just too tired. Above me I can see a dust bunny floating peacefully from a strand of spider silk.

Who am I to disrupt it?  There are possibly dust mites on that dust bunny who are enjoying their gentle swaying through space. What if there is a tiny city on that dust bunny? Horton heard a Who and discovered a city on one tiny speck of dust, so imagine how many cities there could be on a clump of specks of dust. If each dust speck contains a city of Who’s, then is a dust bunny really a kind of Who planet? If I destroy it, what will become of them? I couldn’t possibly do that. To destroy an entire planet populated with sentient life; what a monster I would be! That settles it. I’m leaving it there. I’ll leave the laundry too because Krankenstein is sleeping on it and I don’t wish to anger her.


2 thoughts on “I May Have Had Too Much Sun

  1. Too hot there and too cold here. Well I call 41 cold when my arthritic back acts up. So I too am allowing Horton’s Who Universe reside under my furniture. Guess I will be beading in my comfy chair. As I wait for warmer weather to march north again. Stay cool!


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