Everyone is Sick and I’m an Unhelpful Psychic

Why can’t children just be healthy?! I’m over the colds and flus and stomach upsets that are constantly tearing through my household. I’ve basically been unable to work for a week and half due to illness, none of which was my own. This is unpaid time off as well, so things are getting a bit dire. On top of all that, Kranky cat has some expensive surgery to remove a tumour from her ear this week. Thankfully Ex came to the rescue and helped with a big chuck of the cost, and some lovely people bought jewellery and tutorials as part of my Kranky Sale, so I don’t have to start turning tricks just yet.

Post-op drugs....gooood....

Post-op drugs….gooood….

I’ve told my kids that the only way they’re getting out of going to school tomorrow is if they have a temperature of 45 C, in which case, I’ll drop them off at the hospital before I go to work. Lets hope my sarcastic comment doesn’t turn in to some kinds of terrible premonition, because as it turns out, I’m slightly psychic.

It’s true, I have a gift. I had a genuine, prophetic dream. I can’t honestly recall what the dream was about, but I remember that in the dream, somebody gave me two cans of Steinlarger beer. But not just any Steinlager – it was Steinlager in a WHITE CAN. I woke up and thought to myself, “Steinlager doesn’t come in cans”. I’ve since found out that it does come in cans, I just don’t know anything about beer. Not only that, but apparently it use to come in white cans (I had no idea!). That morning, I opened the local newspaper to find out that Steinlager are bringing back the white cans! OMG!!



I’m not really sure why this is exciting, but they’re actually selling tickets to a “White Can Opening Day” event. I wish I had dreamed something useful, like how to stop kids getting sick, or where lost people are but, whatever…

If you look closely, “WE BELIEVE” is written on the can, it’s a sign, ya’ll. The newspaper told me it was something to do with the All Blacks’ World Cup effort, but we know the truth, don’t we? The Universe is speaking to me through cans of beer.

So there you have it folks, I’m a psychic and New Zealand is so dull that beer can colours is newsworthy.


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