No Photo on this Post. For Reasons.

Ahh, the Universe: so vast, old and wise. The energy and intentions we put out to the Universe return to us in ways that we might not always understand. Take this morning for instance. During my morning routine, I became aware that my fingers were feeling particularly chilly. I longed to take the time to warm them up on a nice mug of tea, but alas, I was too rushed. I needed to drop my son off at Kindergarten, and was running a little late. My freezing phalanges would have to wait. We hopped in the car and headed off.

That’s when the Universe stepped in and decided that this was a great time to warm my up fingers. Happily driving along past the primary school, we saw a commotion ahead. A semi truck and trailer was stopped in the road and a woman was next to it trying to get her dog under control. I stopped and got out to see the mangled remains of another dog between the two trailers of the truck. The woman had been walking her dog, when the other unleashed, unaccompanied dog approached her. She shooed it away, and it ran straight out in front of the truck. Then to make matters worse, her dog slipped her collar to follow. Luckily the truck stopped right away and her dog was not hit. But she was struggling to get the collar back on her and keep her away from the carnage that she so desperately wanted to investigate. Traffic was starting to back up. The poor lady was so distressed, that she didn’t think to just pick her dog up – she only weighed around 10kg. I carried her dog to the footpath and held her still while we got the collar on properly.

A little further up the street a police officer had pulled up a speeding driver, but was now running towards us, looking terrified. I think I felt most sorry for him; it was the morning school rush and he thought a child had been hit. Together we managed to get the remains of someones beloved pet in to a plastic grocery bag I had pulled from the boot of my car. Somehow, I ended being the one doing the bare-handed scooping, and he was the one holding the bag open. My hands were no longer cold, they’d been warmed by the insides of freshly minced dog. Thanks Universe. You’re a pal.


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